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Having had the privilege of serving as the duly elected Justice of the Peace over the last 4 years, I am excited to announce my bid for re-election. I am asking for your vote and support in the 2022 election cycle. During my tenure, we have developed staff and ethical work standards that prioritize customer service and knowledge of the state statutes. Yet, we continually strike a balance that renders just and righteous outcomes in every case. That is our standard and our obligation.


I have lived in the City of Mesquite for most of my adult life. I've had the opportunity to donate my time to a range of services, including volunteering at my children's schools, coaching cheer and football teams, hosting youth spring and summer camps, and coordinating, collecting and delivering basic living necessities to those less fortunate. However, I feel that community service does not stop in my neighborhood. As a member of several local and nationwide organizations, I am able to share in community service events and give a voice to those who feel that they aren't often heard.

It has been my privilege to serve the legal community for more than 20 years. Throughout my career I learned the importance of progressive thinking. I've learned that the world is evolving and we as individuals must evolve as well. One of the most important lessons that I've learned is simple, KEEP GROWING

In 2015, while speaking at the annual scholarship gala, Judge L. Clifford Davis said, "don't give up because you are afraid to get started." Since then, I've preached that concept to my sons and I remind myself that those powerful words also apply to me. I earned my CRPTM from National Federation of Paralegals Association, (NFPA). That same year I earned my ALP, from The National Association for Legal Professionals, (NALS). As a member of various city, county and even statewide legal organizations, I've earned the respect and trust of the legal community. In addition to staying in compliance with my Continuing Legal Education requirements, studying various aspects of law, working with attorneys and mentoring new paralegals and law students, respectively, I earned the distinguished honor of NFPA 2017 Paralegal of the Year.  

I formally serve as Ethics and Professional Responsibility Coordinator for NFPA with a primary responsibility to delineate the principles for ethics and conduct to which every paralegal should aspire as described in NFPA's Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility ("Model Code") adopted in May 1993. I serve on the Board of Directors for DAPA's Ethics Board, and in November 2017 I was elected as Vice President/President Elect for J. L. Turner Legal Association, Paralegal Section. 

Professional Affiliations:

State Bar of Texas – Paralegal Division;

Dallas Area Paralegal Association;

National Federation of Paralegal Association, (NFPA);

National Association of Legal Professionals, (NALS);

National Association of Bond Lawyers – Paralegal Section; and

J. L. Turner – Paralegal Section

Professional Accomplishments:

National Federation of Paralegal Association

  • Certified "CRP"

  • Elected as Ethics and Responsibilities Coordinator

  • Author "Highlight on Ethics in the Legal Profession" bi-monthly edition of Inside Reporter

  • Recipient of the 2017 Paralegal of the Year Award

Dallas Area Paralegal Association

  • Appointed as a Board Member to the Board of Ethics

J. L. Turner – Paralegal Section

  • Assisted President and Gala Chair in securing approximately $200,000 in pledges and donations from various organizations, judges, attorneys and law firms in 2016 for the 64th Annual J. L. Turner Scholarship Gala

  • Elected VP/President Elect for 2018


KaTina Whitfield


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